Vancouver McArthurGlenDesigner Outlet

Vancouver Designer Outlet WeChat Aritcle Layout

McArthurGlen is a designer outlet chain with outlets in nine countries including Italy, the UK, and the Netherlands. Wanting to expand their reach into different audiences here in Vancouver, they took to WeChat advertising.

As they have a pre-existing partnership with glacier media who writes the content, I was given the opportunity to design the layout, look and feel of these ads to be used as a template later on.

This template needed to be easily replicated and changeable so that images and content can be swapped with ease. But the true challenge was trying to balance the style of copy written by Glacier with the images provided by the client.

My background was a real asset here as I was able to leverage my multicultural roots and skillset in understanding the platform and demographic that uses WeChat, especially since Chinese reading conventions are very different compared to something written in English. Also, with WeChat being its own ecosystem, it required a deep understanding of what’s allowed and what’s not, the language, trending design styles and how to design with their native software, Xiumi.

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